BBC: 100 Women 2015: Life for women in Islamic State’s Raqqa

100 Women 2015: Life for women in Islamic State’s Raqqa
I saw this on the BBC website and felt I had too share, 

Paris; France, it’s time to fight back

What has happened in Paris has shocked me. I have been to the city a few times, I have always had strong feelings there so hearing the news this morning has shocked me and made me feel very angry.

Why didn’t the French authorities see this coming, since the Charlie Hebro attacks I would of thought that they would of improved their Intelligence network. 

But Paris has become a blood bath once again. Now Hollande has said this is an act of war from IS. So what happened to the war we are already waging against IS? 

The facts are the facts and what I see is just pure terror in the form of a generation bent and twisted by a world crippled by corrupt ideology.

It’s not helping that so many refugees are put into camps around France where the fuel of discontent burns. It’s time to help France on all levels the divides need to be broken down and a more unified France needs to stand up. 

This war truely started when the twin towers fell in New York, but when will it end?

Rememberance Sunday: Robert Remembered

Mr Graham

My Dear Bob,

May you be remember, for the stories you told and didn’t tell.

He signed up to the Territorial Army branch at the opening of WW2 and served in the South Lancs Regiment as a gunnery. He told me how he served in North Africa, but what I found out at his funeral a few years ago he was at Normandy Landing he got off the boat with his best friend, ran up turned around to his friend only too see him get a bullet through his head. I found that very shocking when I heard the story.

Another story that stood out, before the war broke out he was in training and went out one evening to the pub with some friends, where they got rather drunk and on the way back one of his friends spotted a snake on the side of the road not knowing it was an adder and threw it at Bob, he got bitten that day by the snake, his arm started to swell up and he got back to the base. Reported in to the medic; He was treated and the report said because of the amount of alcohol in his system it saved his life. It also stated at the time that he was the only solider to ever have a snake bite in Britain in the army.

Robert was a great man, always had a smile, never had a bad word to say about anyone and I shall remember him always.

BBCs The Last Kingdom (shields!?)

I just finished watching episode three. Although not a bad show and some very good story telling. Some of the technology is wrong. My main focus is the Saxon shields, a square shield? And plain? 

This is very wrong, Saxon shields are round and they painted with a standard crest, they would of used a red and white round shield for Wessex. And why are they saying they wouldn’t know a shield wall? This is incorrect during the time period they would of known Roman battle technics and probably could perform a successful shield wall. 

The costomes annoy me also, the elite wealthy Vikings and Saxons would of had more intricate dress and armour.