Has Viber been comprimised?

If you don’t know what Viber is, it is an application for mobile phones that lets you speak and communicate with your friends without the cost. There are a couple of other applications like this one being WhatsApp, which I do use. But what concerns me is the fact that Viber sent me two text messages today and phoned me twice asking me too activate my account.

I don’t even have an account with them! Why should I activate something I don’t have. I went online to read some of the information about Viber and what I found interesting is that they copy all your contacts information from your mobile straight to their website.

I found this post interesting: http://haydenjames.io/i-refuse-to-sign-up-for-viber-heres-why/

The second thing that came to mind is why, maybe one of my contacts has Viber or maybe their data has been comprimised. If you think that peoples contact information is being transferred to their servers and someone has hacked into the Viber servers thats a fair amount of information and could prove useful in the wrong hands.

There is something not right about Viber at the moment and it concerns me. Maybe it should concern other people too.

premier-league-lives.net is not a safe website to visit.

Some websites have already said they have visited the website and it’s safe. Well I don’t agree, it’s probably very unsafe.

First thing first, read their disclaimer at the bottom and they tell you…

DISCLAIMER : None of the videos are hosted by this site. Streams hosted from sites like veetle,Mips,Veemi are embedded here. This site is not responsible for the legality of the content. For legal issues, please contact appropriate media file owners/hosters.

There for they are allowing content into their website which in turn is not being vetted and they are not taking responsibility. This allows anyone to embed anything they want. It you went there today and try to watch the Tottenham vs West Ham game. You will descover that the match playing, appearing live, but with ads on top the the screen shot. These ads are all malware.

Telling you your software is out of date and needs updating, these are all false. By all means you can listen to the commentry, but I sugest for a website which is going to allow these embedded videos I would move this domain into the blacklist.

The Fire and the old guy

Last year the old boy upstairs fell asleep smoking a cigarette, not good! As the horse-hair chair he was sitting in went up in flames. His flat burned and was gutted by the fire. He isn’t directly above me thank god, but there was a girl above me who was pregnant at the time. She was in shock.

I was out in the street opposite my place looking at the flames appear in the window, I got out my phone and started to record the event.

There is talk on the news about cutting the services, that there isn’t enough police, fire fighters, ambulances. But in my road there was three fire engines and one more round the corner. Six police cars and two ambulances. There was even a helicopter that airlifted the old boy to the hospital.

What I didn’t really know about this guy, who’s name is Steve, is that people told me he isn’t a very nice person. He seemed okay to me when I first moved to the area, but here is the story.

He use to work for the church as an organist and from some reports I heard that he is gay. That he was interested in the young boys in the church. And he drank about a pint of gin a day. This guy is in his late 70s and he had boys over who were in their 20s!! One guy, who has been in and out of prison came over regularly to him.

What he did upstairs was his own business, but then I heard this one guy would constantly abuse the old man, beat him up, steal all his money and his pension money.

This led Steve down this dark path, only to loose his memory among other graces and now he sits in a care home not knowing who he is and he still gets visited by this kid. Who most likely has other motives than caring for him.

The couple who lived directly above me said he would leave the gas on, his place was filthy and there was bed bugs! I really wouldn’t want him back here so that never happens again.

This all happened in April last year, in December the young couple now have a baby girl and the guy told me in December they aren’t returning to their flat, soon as all the works are done by the insurance company they will sell the place.

I am sitting here now with one guy working on the front door, which the one of the fire fighters did a fair bit of damage too, even know none of the fire touch my place!

I just hope the old guy doesn’t return and the council use some common sense.