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Rare New British £1 misaligned

I got my first 12 sided £1 coin dated 2016 was looking at it and wonder if the first batch sell for anything on eBay.

What I didn’t know is that there are a batch of coins completely misaligned. If you look carefully at the pictures of these coins on eBay you will realise the outer ring and the inner part of the coin and not correct. These coins if you get them you should maybe hold onto them or simply sell them on ebay, so keep your eyes on your cash.

I’ve seen a few pictures where the inner part to the outer part are reversed. But one or two look like they have been vandalised were the inner part has been knocked out and placed back in the wrong way around. So be careful coin collectors.

Is Maximuscle Maxmilk giving you stumach pains?

I went into my local Tesco yesterday to get a few things along with some lunch and at the pharmacist I got a free bag of stuff. One of the products was Maximuscle maxi-milk strawberry flavour! So I thought I drink it with my lunch today. So an hour or two later, ouch and ouch! Run to the bathroom and … well you should know the rest.

I guess health drinks arn’t always what they make out to be!