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Another step closer to the Borg in Star Trek

In Star Trek Voyager we learn that there are millions of nano robots floating around in the blood stream of Borg drones. Now posted on the BBC website we learn that scientists have created a nano robot! Conceptually this is verging into the same technology!

Vileda Cleaning Robot

This is what my parents got me for Christmas! Pretty dam cool Robot.  

It has three main functions: Small room, which is also spot cleaning. M, for a standard size room and L for a large room. I certainly don’t need to use the large room function. You can get one from Amazon.

Has Viber been comprimised?

If you don’t know what Viber is, it is an application for mobile phones that lets you speak and communicate with your friends without the cost. There are a couple of other applications like this one being WhatsApp, which I do use. But what concerns me is the fact that Viber sent me two text messages today and phoned me twice asking me too activate my account.

I don’t even have an account with them! Why should I activate something I don’t have. I went online to read some of the information about Viber and what I found interesting is that they copy all your contacts information from your mobile straight to their website.

I found this post interesting:

The second thing that came to mind is why, maybe one of my contacts has Viber or maybe their data has been comprimised. If you think that peoples contact information is being transferred to their servers and someone has hacked into the Viber servers thats a fair amount of information and could prove useful in the wrong hands.

There is something not right about Viber at the moment and it concerns me. Maybe it should concern other people too.