James Bond Spectre review

The first twenty minutes seemed a repeated of the trailer and a lot of the time during the film, I was kinda bored! I understood the very basic storyline, there was very little twist or turn. It all felt rushed, characters were very short and you could say. What, When, How, Who?

They made a big thing about the new Aston Martian DB10 which did look very cool, there was an Omega watch thrown in there, but again no new exciting gadgets.

There was a few laughs and in parts enjoyable, but again I felt, been there done that. At one point in the film, there seemed to be (Haven’t we been here before?) a copy from “On Her Majesty Secret Service” when they were up in the Alps. The facility with the ski lifts seemed all too familiar.

One of those big American wrestlers thrown in and a big cabal of bad guys, hmm, typical. Bond being the dominant male having his way with every woman he meets, can’t he be rejected instead of having a girl who looks half his age! In the end, nothing new, nothing to gain and I certainly don’t think I was truly entertained.

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