Bye Bye America

Congratulations to Mr Trump, you have convinced me that USA is the most uneducated country on the planet. America is already a powerful country and yet he continues to dumb it down.

Now to the true of it, Mr Trump wants to get rid of the red-tape that has stopped him multiple times from his construction projects. He doesn’t really care for the little people, he is pretty self-centred.

This is a vote for a man who has embezzled funds through his college and other projects. A vote for a man who doesn’t pay tax which would of helped the country. A vote for a man who uses labourers that are from Mexico and other South America countries. A man who abuses women rights, the rights for freedom of movement.

Closed borders? This doesn’t help the economy.

I can only hope the senate block his every move otherwise he will destroy the American economy. He is not a businessman, he is a simply a con-artist.

Doctor Strange Review

Next to the first Iron Man film I would have to say this is one of the best Marvel films I have watched. Seeing a perfectionist fall from grace and rise up again is nothing new to film entertainment. But the style and grace in which Scott Derrickson brought this comic book character to the big screen felt right. Benedict Cumberbatch was an excellent choice for the role, his on-screen chemistry, short sharp canny jokes, the way he holds himself, tall with regal strength. These are the qualities which the Doctor Strange character is known for.

There is obviously a greater picture about Marvel’s version of Earth than we know of, this film represents a multiverse theorem, changing the dynamic yet again.

Stephen Strange a brilliant doctor, although helping people he seems to have an arrogance about himself. Set in his ways up until a car crash that destroys his hands that made him such a brilliant physician. This then sets him on a journey to search for a cure to repair his hands, this in turn leads him to the Ancient One and a new way of life.

I am not to sure about the makeup of Ancient One, Tilda Swinton who played her didn’t quite look right. I also considered her to be the weakest actor, she didn’t project that well on screen.

After what seems like a quick study session, Strange is tested when the Ancient One dumps him on Everest and told him he has to make his own way back. It wasn’t long afterwards till the bad guys come back and rain havoc.

If I told you anymore I would be giving the whole film away. This film is visually stunning, however it does seem to borrow elements from Inception and The Matrix which does take a little bit of the originality away. The music score by Michael Giacchino was another element that brought the film to life, I could easily add the soundtrack to my CD collection as I thought it was that good.

You are also treated to the best after the credits Easter-egg ever in my opinion when what you thought was a good guy turning bad. I am looking forward to the second film now.

I highly recommend seeing this in the cinema on the big screen.

4.5 out of 5.