I got to Istanbul found the group and was on the way into a big city. There was lots going on, construction of new buildings, lots of cars, mass planting of tulips and so much there it had the buzz.

Arrived at the hotel, it was okay, but found out I had to share with a guy I never knew. Then I found out his habits, because I had to share the whole trip!

That afternoon it poured down with rain and we made our way to the first restaurant and one of the better meals I’ve had on the holiday. We had a nice view of the Blue Mosque from there.

The next day I actually got to see it, although it didn’t feel that blue, but impressive to an extent. When we all got out our cameras, I had my little one and everyone else had those big cameras with changeable lenses!! I couldn’t help but smile at that.

After that I saw Topkapi Palace which was interesting but didn’t seem that impressive in my view. They had a view of their gems on display in a few rooms. Impressive collection, I wonder what else they got in their vaults!

Later we walked around and a little, saw a bit of the Grand Bazaar. Then ate more Turkish food in the evening, but it wasn’t that brilliant and wasn’t very hot!

The next day we headed out towards Ankara stopping off on the way to see the views and museums.

We finally got to a place called Cappadocia and the views, landscape are amazing, I even loved the town. Here in this place are very unique land formations of sculptured cone like columns made into homes. A facinating place for anyone to visit. That evening we went to a very nice restaurant where we were served food cooked in a pot. An interesting process and a very nice dish. It was probably one of the best meals I had if not the best.

After dinner, we were heading back to the hotel, I decided to turn around go get some water and when I came out of the shop everyone had gone! I felt a bit upset, started walking around to see if I could find the hotel and had no idea so I walked all the way back to the restaurant and told the guy that served us that I was lost.

He tried to phone the guide but didn’t get through then his cousin turned up on a motorbike. Next thing I knew I was on the back of his bike heading around town trying to find the hotel. Being unsuccessful we headed back to the restaurant for the guy to phone again. This time he got her and I was collected.

The following morning I got up 5:30 and went up on a balloon ride. Stunning views.


I have to say that it was a lot of bussing around, lots of views, a few old and new towns scattered in the country then we saw the Roman ruins. It was like a roman ruin marathon!

On one excursion we went to see a master potter who had been travelling and learning his trade all his life and what he had made was impressive. There were only a few of us on this optional and I brought two items, one for me and a present for my parents. He looks a bit like Einstein!

Made it to the coast to see another nice town, which is starting to look like a coastal city! The old town was nice and in the early morning was very nice when there was no one around. Later know it didn’t feel so magical. It felt over populated and over done. Such a shame for a nice place. I managed to burn my feet in the sun at the same time! We carried on and I saw more roman ruins and one place was very interesting as there was this plato made out of natural salt and was told that the water was very healing.

During my time in Turkey I wasn’t really fond of the hotels, but we finally got to one after visiting Troy! O yes, Troy, well, it wasn’t that impressive, it was small, and everything of interest was gone! A shame really.

This hotel was in a nice unspoilt part of Turkey a very small fishing village. Probably the best stay I had at any place. Peaceful…

The we went on across into the European part of Turkey to see graves! First world war stuff, I really wasn’t interested, didn’t take any photos and it wasn’t for me. Then I was back in Istanbul, saw Hagia Sofia, walked around the Grand Bazaar. Negotiated with a guy for some cufflinks that I didn’t get, then went into the Cistern which was eery, dark, had gold fish and Medusa’s head!

After that went to the museum, saw some stuff, got soaked in the rain. Went to eat that night, then off home.

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