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Roy Hodgson failed tactically and showed no invention

I found the game against Iceland very frustrating. Why he chose to go 4-3-3 completely changing the shape from the previous games I have no idea. Players didn’t seem to know their roles, we didn’t stretch the midfield and the attacking fallbacks didn’t overlap.

Hodgson changed the shape of the way we generally play and it didn’t suit the team. Why he doesn’t start with Vardy who is the best inform striker and he chose not to pick a single winger when English football is all about wing play.

So Roy Hodgson has just stepped down from his role. It’s time to change and freshen up the English coaching staff, someone younger who knows the game and won’t experiment in a major tournament.

Top Eleven iPhone game review

I wanted too play a good football manager game and there are a lot of good elements here but there are also a multitude of floors.

Being that I am not a Chelsea fan or a Moriniho fan the game entrance is the first sin.


You enter the game and you have a home screen showing you who you play next. You get to see your previous result and your positions in three campaigns.

Next is the squad screen where you select the players you want but into my third season the game has dropped half of my team too one star players.

I consider this a floor in the game mechanics as players should be improving after each season and not go backwards. When I emailed Nordeus who made the game I wasn’t impressed with the reply. They said players stay the same except when they go up a level they go down a level!

So if you do well and it’s easy to do because I don’t think many people take the game seriously. As I won the league in my first season. In the second season I was in the Champions League, in a cup so my squad got thin.

But you’re only limited to a 25 man team and not 50 as you get by FIFA rules. So I struggled a bit as players get tired and injured. 

So into the third season this game just gets frustrating. It feels like I am going backwards due to what I call floored game mechanics.

I do like the ability to expand the stadium and build it. You get a fincancial boost when all done. But even this element seems pointless. 


So with a confusing league structure, players getting crap for winning promotion you are left with a sour taste.

It’s a bit of fun this game. But don’t get your hopes up as I consider there are too many floors that will just annoy you.

Gurban Gurbanov a man to watch

Wiki Commons: Nicat49

In this years Europa league I watched Tottenham at home to Qarabagh of Azerbaijan and I was very impressed with how Qarabagh approached the game.

They were tactically very good, very well disciplined and I saw some very nice football from the team. This was against a hungry Tottenham who didn’t make it easy for Qarabagh to play the game they wanted.

And again in the reply, although I watched the short highlights I was still impressed with how they play.

A team playing at their best and who were top of their league last season and are still strong. A lot of this is down to the manager of Gurban Gurbanov, I haven’t seen many teams perform like Gurbanov has instructed his team too. I am of the belief this man can go places. If the bigger clubs in Europe actually watch and take notes of the Azerbaijani league and notice how well Gurbanov’s effort and effect I am sure we should be seeing him in the future at some of the bigger clubs.

Had Jürgen Klopp agreed to join Liverpool months ago?

After reading Chris Bascombe’s (Liverpool get their man) article in today’s Daily Telegraph I get the impression a deal was probably negotiated a few months ago.

One part of his article really stuck out where he write “Despite suggestions that Klopp had already been appointed prior to Rodger’s dismissal…”

Bascombe is fairly well connected with Liverpool football club having friends who work for the club he receives a lot of insider knowledge. And I am sure he is used by the club to control part of what gets printed in the papers.

Liverpool wanted Klopp a year ago, so it was always on the cards, it was just a question of when. Obviously a contract had to be drawn up and that can very often take time to get right. So it’s obvious to me that was sorted out and near completion allowing Liverpool the freedom to fire Rogers and sign Klopp.

Is BT going to kill football?

I just realised that unless BT Sport goes bankrupt for heavily over paying for Champions League football I might not ever watch it live on TV again. At least I got some highlights on ITV. However I feel rather upset by the outcome. 

I don’t want to pay for Sky Sports as I think it’s far too much, then unless you’re a BT Internet customer, and extra £12.99 a month from BT to add it too Sky! Ugg, these companies are just ripping off the customers!!

premier-league-lives.net is not a safe website to visit.

Some websites have already said they have visited the website and it’s safe. Well I don’t agree, it’s probably very unsafe.

First thing first, read their disclaimer at the bottom and they tell you…

DISCLAIMER : None of the videos are hosted by this site. Streams hosted from sites like veetle,Mips,Veemi are embedded here. This site is not responsible for the legality of the content. For legal issues, please contact appropriate media file owners/hosters.

There for they are allowing content into their website which in turn is not being vetted and they are not taking responsibility. This allows anyone to embed anything they want. It you went there today and try to watch the Tottenham vs West Ham game. You will descover that the match playing, appearing live, but with ads on top the the screen shot. These ads are all malware.

Telling you your software is out of date and needs updating, these are all false. By all means you can listen to the commentry, but I sugest for a website which is going to allow these embedded videos I would move this domain into the blacklist.