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The World of Stonehenge review

Currently on in the British Museum, up until 17 July 2022 is The World of Stonehenge exhibit.

Upon entering you are greeted with a graphic showing a number of henge’s, and how many there are in the UK, which is a hell of a lot. Next you will see a large necklace plate crafted out of gold, being as it’s gold, it looks like it was made yesterday. 

There is a wealth of information to soak-up, and a lot of axe heads. All different types of axe heads, different stones, then onto metals. That aspect alone is an exhibit on its own. 

The craft of the age, makes you wonder, how did they manage to do that! There are items on display which leaves you with questions, as no expert is sure what they were for. Exquisite detailed objects, geometric shapes, probably inspired by elements of what the people of the day saw in the landscape and produced onto their wares.

As I got to the bottom of the room I had already been there for an hour and a half so I skipped some cases and the exhibit seemed to rush through time again on the evolution of war and weaponry. 

I wouldn’t mind visiting this exhibit again for a second look another time.

5 out of 5.

Please don’t waste medical masks outside.

I’ve been going for a 5km walk nearly every day since the epidemic. It’s a wide out door space, unpolluted with oxygen producing trees. So why use or waste a mask in this environment. You shouldn’t need to or waste a mask, the traditional medical mask is designed for closed, sterile spaces and to be disposed of once used. Then you have other people without a mask who will pass you, bring up their hands to cover their face away from you. This is also wrong. When walking past someone it should be simple, close your mouth and exhale through your nose until at a safe distance to breathe again. It really shouldn’t be hard to master that practice.

I dread the day when terrorism has tactics

It’s sick enough that these uneducated brain washed idiots attack innocent people, historical buildings and plague society with their backward, (take us back to the dark ages manifesto). But I tend to stay quiet on blog about such things.

But in a short time we had a bombing in Manchester, a three man team who rampaged through London only to be shot dead. Another crazy in Paris with a hammer.

I get this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, I fear the day when they actually choose targets that would make things worse. You don’t bring down an Empire with these stupid attacks, killing a few people or a few hundred won’t stop a city from working, it will slow the pass of life down in an area for a short period. 

I do get put off from going out to places, but I am an explorer I love to find new places and learn about history. 

I wish terrorism would go away, but it seems to be around, the wrong ideology only leads to a short life, a true visionary will be remember for years to come.

Paris; France, it’s time to fight back

What has happened in Paris has shocked me. I have been to the city a few times, I have always had strong feelings there so hearing the news this morning has shocked me and made me feel very angry.

Why didn’t the French authorities see this coming, since the Charlie Hebro attacks I would of thought that they would of improved their Intelligence network. 

But Paris has become a blood bath once again. Now Hollande has said this is an act of war from IS. So what happened to the war we are already waging against IS? 

The facts are the facts and what I see is just pure terror in the form of a generation bent and twisted by a world crippled by corrupt ideology.

It’s not helping that so many refugees are put into camps around France where the fuel of discontent burns. It’s time to help France on all levels the divides need to be broken down and a more unified France needs to stand up. 

This war truely started when the twin towers fell in New York, but when will it end?

IS destruction of Palmyra saddens me.

I love history and ancient architecture but what IS has done to Palmyra truly saddens me. It’s not the first time that civilizations have wiped out other civilizations to leave only whispers of an unknown past. You have conquest, you have destruction, but this is true obliteration.

What I am confused at is that IS are destroying Islamic-Syrian-Persian identity. These places were used as places of worship by ancient Islam, so were blessed as sacred ground. There is also destruction of what IS call idols but are in fact most likely busts or full statues representing real people from the past. Ancient art destroyed, looted and sold.

I am truly sorry that the majority of the Syrian people have to leave the country they love because of this war. I just wish for IS to understand that they are not destroying our history but more likely their future.