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Uncharted film review (2022)

I’ve played most of the games on my PlayStation and really enjoyed the game Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. So, I was interested to go see the film to see what they had done. There were a few moments I really enjoyed in the movie. But the whole thing felt rushed, it didn’t have the flow and felt forced, choppy at times. 

Tom Holland made a good account of himself playing Nathan Drake, but he really did seem too young for the role. I was disappointed with Mark Wahlberg’s performance and the female lead Sophia Ali, I couldn’t get over her changing accent! She sounded botched American, floating to some kind of weird English accent, to Australian and back again! It really bugged me out that did!

We rushed through the story rather quickly, the characters got on to a plane, and the only time I laugh and I don’t think anyone understood who the guy was on the beach when they arrived at the beach scene was Nolan North who voiced Drake in the games, got his cameo. Was I the only person in the cinema to notice that??

I love the way the Spanish galley ships looked on screen and the moment when one dropped from the chopper into the water, its sails dropping and started to sail was a lovely piece of cinema photography. Overall, I was disappointed with the film and the ending.

2 out of 5.

Are Companies exploiting you on DLC Content?

For a long time now video games have had regional releases and you can play Region 1 games (from the US) in Region 2 (Europe) on European machines. This isn’t locked and when you order games off the internet it’s best to be sure you are getting the right region game for your machine otherwise any extra content you buy will most likely not work.

What Xbox and Sony don’t tell you is that extra downloadable content (DLC) is non-refundable and companies such as Ubisoft who make the DLC content for their games will not allow you to change a US code for a UK or European code.

For example a UK citizen can see a PS3 game on Amazon for sale at a very reasonable price. Buy that game, wait a whole month for it to be delivered and realise they can’t play online because the game code is region 1 only and not region 2.

Of course you should be able to return the game and get a refund, but shipping it back to America is pricey and the consumer is out of pocket this way.

So this is more of a warning to make sure you are buying games that are the same region as your console. To check this in a store simply look at the bottom of the spine and make sure the correct graphic is present.

Another interesting point I have thought about and wondered because it’s DLC content, is it taxed? Is the consumer paying any tax in the price? Are governments taxing companies DLC profits? How much is the consumer out of pocket and how many people have lost their money because they are not informed about the regional locking of DLC content?

If the games industry is in the billions and DLC content is in the millions? Could the consumer market already be out of pocket by millions? And considering DLC is non-refundable I am betting these companies have already make a fair few millions off this exploit.

PS4 Lunch

Have been watching the PS4 launch and it feels more about the games rather than the machine. Although the graphics engine does sound impressive and you can take games on the move with different devices such as the PS Vita. There does seem to be a lack of the console.

A few games stand out and one stood out to me which I liked the look of which was Watch Dogs. The game interface looked a lot like that used on Assassin’s Creed and the game setting seemed a lot like the show Person of Interest.

Many of the other games looked impressive, but there didn’t seem much of a fresh feel.  Everything felt more about connectivity and making money. Overall I was unimpressed.


My PS3, a death at such a young age!

There I was experiencing a bit of lag on the Playstation Home Network, suddenly all stopped and it went blank. I had realised my PS3 had crashed, so I held down the power button for 7 seconds to turn off the system.

What happened next;

Cannot start.
The appropriate system storage was not found.

Now I am so very sad, it’s died and my PS3 isn’t a year old. I am going to be on the phone to them in the morning.