James Bond: No Time to Die film review

As I sat down I felt I needed the toilet. The intro of the film was brilliant, starting off in a cold climate, not knowing what was going to happen. A man with a gun turns up to kill a drugged out mother and her daughter who I didn’t want to see die and I was covering my eyes to avoid that..

During that scene I noticed a ring on a table, this ring had the Spectre emblem on it. I don’t even know if anyone else in the cinema noticed this, which I knew instantly that this mother and daughter at the beginning were related to that organisation some how.

I did have to run to the toilet during the music sequence so I missed that!

Next we visit James Bond in another beautiful location who appears to be enjoying life. His adventures with woman do land him in hot water. This is even more evident half way through the film when it turns out he has a daughter. It’s probably why I hate the ending of the film so much. He was a character to never be a settled down or be a married man, but even still. I prefer happier endings. They wouldn’t allow him to settle and start a family, no… What we have is a good film with a Japanese inspired ending… death. The ultimate way to end a character.

With a female 007 and another death of a famous character of Felix Leiter, the studio really are keen on burning this James Bond universe to the ground.

I felt rather upset by that and that’s why I am going to removed one whole point off the review score!! There are elements of the film which felt cliché, but you can’t fault the acting or execution of this creation. It’s cleverly made and other than the ending I enjoyed most of it.

4 out of 5.

Dune (2021) film review

I had thought the trailer looked amazing and I went into the cinema hoping for something good but I felt bored by the whole film! I found the sound and music slightly too loud with the feature, having an unbalanced effect.

Years ago I have read the first three books that Frank Herbert wrote. I really enjoyed them and found his writing easy to read and lots of underlining philosophy. This isn’t really translated to the film. It’s just a brooding mess of hormones with a load of special effects.

The acting was boring, emotionless, static and stale. The characters show strength and that’s about it. At times I was checking my watch and wondering should I walk out of the cinema! It wasn’t my cup of tea.

1.5 out of 5.