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Uncharted film review (2022)

I’ve played most of the games on my PlayStation and really enjoyed the game Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. So, I was interested to go see the film to see what they had done. There were a few moments I really enjoyed in the movie. But the whole thing felt rushed, it didn’t have the flow and felt forced, choppy at times. 

Tom Holland made a good account of himself playing Nathan Drake, but he really did seem too young for the role. I was disappointed with Mark Wahlberg’s performance and the female lead Sophia Ali, I couldn’t get over her changing accent! She sounded botched American, floating to some kind of weird English accent, to Australian and back again! It really bugged me out that did!

We rushed through the story rather quickly, the characters got on to a plane, and the only time I laugh and I don’t think anyone understood who the guy was on the beach when they arrived at the beach scene was Nolan North who voiced Drake in the games, got his cameo. Was I the only person in the cinema to notice that??

I love the way the Spanish galley ships looked on screen and the moment when one dropped from the chopper into the water, its sails dropping and started to sail was a lovely piece of cinema photography. Overall, I was disappointed with the film and the ending.

2 out of 5.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife review

I went into the cinema not knowing what to expect or see. I am a big fan of the first two movies, but the reboot with the girl only squad, was in my view pathetic. This latest edition to the franchise was a welcome addition.

I found all the characters are much easier to welcome into the series. Each one has their own quirks and I kind of like that. McKenna Grace who played Phoebe Spengler reminded me at times of the character Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

The film really is a continuation of the very first film, we head all the way back to a demonic mythology where the world is doomed. The story builds well, the characters are well connected and there are a number of Easter eggs thrown in which connect both the previous films and where some of the older characters ended up.

Then the film ended and fell flat for me, I was hoping for something a bit more akin to a party, feel good moment like the previous films. But it didn’t stop there as the director had taken in a tip from the Marvel franchise by throwing in a mid-credits sequence and an after credits sequence… I wonder what will happen with that final blinking red light…

4 out of 5.

Eternals film review

The film starts off with the Eternals going to Earth and saving the evolutionary human race. It turns out there are far greater evils yet again and even bigger villains. Certain elements feel cliché, it was fighting then calm…

Rather boring calm, the backing sound track of the movie really wasn’t that great and didn’t elevate it one bit. 

I liked seeing my hometown of London, and every part they filmed I knew exactly where they were as I had been to those parts of London. However, I thought it extremely odd why there was a classroom in the National History Museum! That were we meet Kit Harington (from Game of Thrones) who has a small role in this movie. Seems a waste…

Then we are off on an adventure, or not so much of one.

There are good parts to the film, but it felt patchy. Hero’s, anti-hero’s it all felt a blur. The acting at times I thought was dreadful. The worse being Angelina Jolie who played Thena, who was cold, emotionless and boring! Even anger is an emotion and I didn’t feel any real anger in the film.

A lot of the Marvel films have rewatch value. I can’t say the same for this.

2.5 out of 5.

James Bond: No Time to Die film review

As I sat down I felt I needed the toilet. The intro of the film was brilliant, starting off in a cold climate, not knowing what was going to happen. A man with a gun turns up to kill a drugged out mother and her daughter who I didn’t want to see die and I was covering my eyes to avoid that..

During that scene I noticed a ring on a table, this ring had the Spectre emblem on it. I don’t even know if anyone else in the cinema noticed this, which I knew instantly that this mother and daughter at the beginning were related to that organisation some how.

I did have to run to the toilet during the music sequence so I missed that!

Next we visit James Bond in another beautiful location who appears to be enjoying life. His adventures with woman do land him in hot water. This is even more evident half way through the film when it turns out he has a daughter. It’s probably why I hate the ending of the film so much. He was a character to never be a settled down or be a married man, but even still. I prefer happier endings. They wouldn’t allow him to settle and start a family, no… What we have is a good film with a Japanese inspired ending… death. The ultimate way to end a character.

With a female 007 and another death of a famous character of Felix Leiter, the studio really are keen on burning this James Bond universe to the ground.

I felt rather upset by that and that’s why I am going to removed one whole point off the review score!! There are elements of the film which felt cliché, but you can’t fault the acting or execution of this creation. It’s cleverly made and other than the ending I enjoyed most of it.

4 out of 5.

Dune (2021) film review

I had thought the trailer looked amazing and I went into the cinema hoping for something good but I felt bored by the whole film! I found the sound and music slightly too loud with the feature, having an unbalanced effect.

Years ago I have read the first three books that Frank Herbert wrote. I really enjoyed them and found his writing easy to read and lots of underlining philosophy. This isn’t really translated to the film. It’s just a brooding mess of hormones with a load of special effects.

The acting was boring, emotionless, static and stale. The characters show strength and that’s about it. At times I was checking my watch and wondering should I walk out of the cinema! It wasn’t my cup of tea.

1.5 out of 5.

Free Guy movie review

I wasn’t so sure when the movie started, it seemed odd, weird, but as the film went on, it made more sense. The film starts with Ryan Reynolds who plays Guy on a set routine, he seems to have a happy life as a banker, although being robbed every day doesn’t faze or change, not until he see’s the girl he wants.

That changes everything, the story then branches off between two worlds, the game world and then you see the real world. From game developers, to game streamers (who are real life streamers!) There are a bunch of cameos and lots of cultural references embedded in the film. There is even an in your face Deadpool poster behind one character. 

Reynolds quickly becomes more himself when released out of his code in order to evolve. The evolution begins in two steps, finding the girl, then when he finds out about the glasses which gives his character total control over his environment. This is where I should probably shut up as I would easily give the rest of the story away.

There was one moment in the script where they go over aspects between the two worlds, “No guns are still a problem”. That does hit home, even in the U.S. But I doubt a note like that will have much effect on any politician. 

A few times in the movie there was this real cheesiness, Taika Waititi who plays the bad guy Antwan, really doesn’t feel that evil at all. But then, this is more of a fun family movie.

4 out 5.

Joker film review

DC Comics have decided to go down a different route again and compared to anything done before, Joker was surprisingly grounded.

The film is set in the 1980s era, there is the slight sunniness of Gotham city, which slowly darkens and the subway scenes give the grimness a different colour. During the course of the film you do see the city changing from some level of peace to utter dystopia.

We follow Arthur Fleck (Joker) played by Joaquin Phoenix who already seemed mad, descend in on himself in a psychotic way. He wants to be a stand-up comedian and gets his chance. His actions not only make a fool of him but puts his life in danger. We fellow Arthur back at his home were his mother is not in the best of health. Home live revolves around the TV where the pair watch a popular talk show hosted by Murray Franklin (played by De Niro) who is some what of a hero to Arthur and later gets a chance to meet him.

The slow but well-paced structure of the film works well with the background music. However I never quite felt the intensity grow too out of control. There are aspects that are thrown out there, what I would call Easter-eggs and homage to Tim Burton’s original 1989 Batman movie.

I did enjoy the film, if I said anymore I would be giving it away. I am not sure if action junkies will like this. But I am going to give a score of 4 out of 5.

Meeting Shae Sterling and Alien Addiction review.

When I was in Los Angeles in March I was with my brother at a café in Abbot Kinney Blvd, as soon as we had finished we came out and started speaking to two people who just turned up there in a taxi.

One was a girl who was a video blogger from New Zealand, the other was a film director also from New Zealand. This director went by the name of Shae Sterling and said in a few months that his film Alien Addiction would be showing at the London film festival at the Prince Charles Cinema in London.

Well, sometime later! When I was back home in London I got myself a ticket online to go see the film.

It was an interesting film, it started off very B movie with the introduction of the main character and his friends mouthing rather crass humour. The intro also supplied overhead drone video capture of a quite scenic peaceful part of the world.

For me the film didn’t really start until the introduction of the aliens as they crash land to Earth. Enter two aliens rather reminiscent of the film Coneheads with Dan Aykroyd. They came with some device that could convert objects to a smokable substance. It got even weirder when the aliens started to convert shit, smoking it and getting high. I couldn’t quite get my mind around this trip, but it did make me laugh.

The next part of the film was an investigative reporter obsessed with alien hunting. He and his companion find and try to capture the aliens, but his already failing reputation takes a hit. No need to say anymore, you will have to watch the movie if you want to know the ending which has a bit of a twist.

After the movie finished there was a Q&A then I went over to say hello Shae Sterling remembered me and gave me a big bear hug.

The Equaliser 2 review

Having not gone to the cinema in a while I decided to choose Equalizer II. I wasn’t disappointed, it was a good movie, I wouldn’t call it a great movie know. Again we are back with Mr McCall, brooding, angry, but with a smile. The same gags seem to have continued from the first film, however I felt the ebb and flow of the first film made that a really good film. I like the way the characters developed in the first film, there was also a mystery about the main character.

We start off on a train to Istanbul, a little interchange about a story of kidnap, then straight into the action. Then it’s straight back to America with half the audience none the wiser of what just happened!

At times there are good interchanges between Denzel Washington characters approach to situations and people. At bad times, the film seems to ponder too much at points which leave you a feeling of boredom.

And the main story? Well, I didn’t quite understand why his past army buddies were killing off old friends. There seemed to be this massive plot hole which leaves you thinking.. “What the fuck just happened to get here?”

The lack of back story in this movie doesn’t help at all, the first film in the series didn’t matter so much as that left you with a void of wanting to know more. Now we are at a situation where Antonie Fuqua who did such a good job with the first film has let the audience down with a lack of explanation to what just happened.

There was nothing wrong with the action and the final part of the movie was excellently filmed in the sweeping stormy weather. It’s worth a watch if you have seen the first film, however I am only going to give this a score of 2.5 out of 5 due to the massive plot holes!

I thought Gravity was suppose to be good!

I finally got round to watch the film Gravity with Sandra Bullock because I thought it was suppose to be good as it had loads of awards. I personally thought it was terrible! It was like the Blair Witch Project in space, it didn’t port well on TV for me. And nothing really happened than bad luck for the main character!  The mix of music didn’t help, if they had chosen better, it could of been more impacting. Nobody to greet her when she finally arrived on Earth.

I was so bored by it, don’t know how many people really like this or not! I’ve done this before, the critics liked the film Black Swan and I thought that was horrible too. I am trusting the critics less and less now.