YouTube app comes to PS3

Previously PS3 users had to use Youtube through the playstation internet browser. Now for those people that love to watch movies on Youtube they get a better app, with pairing abilities.

The refresh rate, and the rate at which you can download and watch top quality movies is impressive. However the major draw-back has to be the loss of the index system. Via your computer or laptop it’s harder to browser through collections, you might be after something, but you might not be sure of what you want.

For just simple browsing the youtube digital library seems to have taken two steps backwards. But at least they are going forward by intruducing the app to the PS3.

I for one feel there is much, much room for improvement, lets just hope they can fix the issues which I have stated.

As the snow drifts down…

I am left wondering when will winter stop! I thought I saw a glimps of spring last week with the dafs and the tulips rising up through the ground. Yet my hopes of the winter gone, have been dashed.

My heating is yet still on, I need to keep warm and the price of the bill has gone up!

Yet I always beleive that a harder winter leaves from a stronger summer, although later, I am sure December 2013 is going to be a warm one. I bet people will be wearing t-shirts and shorts.

As for me, I guess it’s time to curl up with my book or play out some time on the playstation, because when it’s snowing, I really don’t wish to go anywhere.