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So i finally sold my car

I have had my Renault Clio for eight years and it has served me well. It was a 2003 model 1.2 engine and it ran. The handling was really good and i like the speed it could go.

I waved bye bye to her last weekend. Well hopefully that will keep my costs down two cars for a single guy living on my own. Probably sensible to let her go in the end.

Why Conway’s Game of Life is an Easter Egg in Zarlor Mercenary

I was trying to find out how Conway’s Game of Life became an Easter Egg on Zarlor Mercenary for the Atari Lynx. I couldn’t find any answer in my web searches. So I message the origional progammer of the game on facebook and got a responce.

Chuck Sommerville “Life was one of the first programs I wrote in apple basic when I was a teenager, probably about 1978, so I was always fascinated by it. I liked adding fun Easter eggs into my Lynx games. Chip’s Challenge had a Mandelbrot explorer. My good friend Steven Landrum had written the Life program as an exercise to push the limits of the hardware bit blitter in the Lynx. It was so cool, that I asked him if I could include it. Since he was also on the Zarlor team, he said yes. By the way, I think he also wrote the Mandelbrot explorer too.”


WordPress app for Blackberry

I am lying here in bed before I go to sleep giving the wordpress app on my blackberry a quick run. I’ve just downloaded it after seeing about the app on my laptop earlier.

It seems okay to me, I haven’t tested all the features yet. There is plenty of time for that know, but so far so good.