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Star Wars Battlefront 2 review

I got the game on pre-order hoping for a really good Imperial storyline, but I was very disappointed with the story. It started off well, I liked the Imperial droid and how you had to handle him to get to the main character Iden Versio. From the introduction mission to Endor, I was more or less happy, but as soon as you found out your character went turncoat the story campaign went sour for me.

With a bunch of cameos from the Star Wars legends such as Luke Skywalker to Han Solo. With the Han Solo scene it almost went into RPG mode for a short mission! How I wish they would develop a decent Star Wars PS4 RPG game!

The developers had put some thought in to the first two missions, the rest of the game, well, it feeling disappointing. A lack of cinematic flow, the story-arc fell flat and on its face trying to reveal which they probably shouldn’t have touched. Sometimes it best to keep a game independent of the films.

Into multiplayer, I’d have to say it does handle slightly better than its predecessor and less annoying. With the same features, I wouldn’t say it’s improved that much, the graphics are much improved, the handling feels better. I’ve had some good games and some very bad games. It did feel at times as if I was fighting some people that had spent money on it, even know they removed all of that. Either that or these people have had far too much time on their hands to get all these cool add-ons.

There is lots for the in-game collector to acquire and challenges to complete which should help for the longevity but I will only be giving this game an average score on 3 out of 5.


Forever the Princess

I am not sure how old I was but one of my earliest memories of any film in the cinema was Star Wars Return of the Jedi. My Uncle Harold took myself with my two older brothers.

I am not sure how much influence it had on my at that age but the film captivated me and I fell in love with everything Star Wars. As well as having the A-Team bed covers I also had Star Wars ones. Then there was the toys. We had an X-Wing, Luke, storm troopers a few others but I never had Leia.

It was a few years later when I had more affections for Leia, a man coming of age!! My heart always felt that little bit lighter.

When I heard the news yesterday that Carrie Fisher had died and the fact that another hero of mine, George Michael passed earlier it feels like a piece of my heart had been ripped out. 2016 Sucks!

The iconic 1980s pop, rock and SciFi. These are the foundations I grew up on and it has partly slipped away. However there are plenty of greats to remember and Carrie Fisher’s Leia will alway have a place in my heart.

She will live on in all who remember her and for all who knew her.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Please note this will contain spoilers.

For me I was worried I might fall asleep since I went to see the 12:40 am screening. However with the 3D glasses on and the scroll down of the famous flowing narrative. Which kinda of made me laugh because already I felt this copied straight up from the previous scripts.

I felt like I was back on Tattooine of Luke’s home planet, but this is a different planet, which looks exactly the same! Apart from the fact there appears to have been a war here. Hence the fact that there is an Imperial graveyard littered after every dune.

You are met with a runaway, a girl and a droid. A few other characters and suddenly a hunt for a map. Well, this feels different and it did for a good while. But as back stories go, you will know the old characters, but the new ones? Is this mystery or a failure to give little back story?

As soon as we find Han Solo’s favourite ship which he had been hunting for himself, there seemed to be a return to the old ways.

There seems to be a collective point in the script which reverts back to what Lucas started with and how the film ended. Starting with a chase through space to a big super weapon, an even bigger death-star! O, how original.

I can’t say too much more about the script or story as that would be just unfair.

I appreciate you have a time limit for such films as you can only fit so much into a story, so they have done well with what was given. The ability to provide an authentic looking film to the series and they have done an excellent job here. The used look is back, the battered, beaten, damaged. This is the look about Star Wars which I loved the original for, a used up, battered universe.

I couldn’t really feel much for the characters and this maybe due to some flat acting at times. I did like the new droid, the young actors fitted in well. I didn’t really feel the anger from the Darkside! When he took his mask off, I just saw a pathetic looking man with shaggy hair. Poor choice of actor in my opinion.

Although JJ has done an excellent job with the script he was given, I did love what was on offer. However It feels lacking and I just hope the next instalment will be a better look, with more style and some class. And for heaven-sake, I hope some originality!

4 outa 5 stars from me.

Stars Wars Commander review.

On the iPhone and Android you can download Star Wars Commander. I am reminded of the Command And Conquer series yet so many things are different. For a good while I did really like this game. I loved how you can build, upgrade your base advance technology, then attack other players.

The other elements of the game are missions. A set number of chapter tasks to get you going in a storied tutorial.

After that you should consider the squads where you have to fight for rankings. You have to really concentrate here to make sure you use the correct tactical layout for your base in its defence. And you pick the right units for your attack.

Not to mention you can be imperials or rebels! 

There is a lot of depth for this little game and for the advance levelled players this is very challenging and requires you to put a fair amount of game time into the game and be successful.

This is where I hit the brick wall, simple because I am more of a casual gamer. I don’t want to spend five hours a day on a phone game and that felt like the type of people I was playing against.

Even with the last update where they added new planets and you were not on just Tatooine anymore. I could no longer keep up with the challenge, I did have good fun. But there are limits for everyone now it’s time for me to try something new.