House of Gucci review

The House of Gucci revolves around the family and the brand Gucci spanning a number of decades. There is a lot of information to contain in the story and surprisingly a lot was missed. 

The story starts off when Patrizia Reggiani played by Lady Gaga meets Maurizio Gucci at a party and pursues him. This seems innocent at first and then for some reason the film lacks the finesse to show the more exact downfall. The expanse of decades and trying to fit it all in yet big parts are missed. Reggiani second child!? Where was that? No indication in the film that she ever had a second child, nor references to the problems she had with her health when she had a brain tumour. This could have been a key factor in partly why she hired a hitman, suffering from some form mental instability.

With Adam Driver who played Maurizio, I don’t know, but the character didn’t really feel developed. The acting at times felt flat. All the other characters were well played know. I’ve never seen Lady Gaga act before but I thought she played the part excellently.

Although extravagant, I didn’t feel it was extravagant enough. They could have used more beautiful locations. Italy is a beautiful country and I felt you didn’t see enough of that.

I didn’t think Paola Franchi, was sewn into the script very well, she needed a bit more of a back story. Far too short on this part.

As the story progressed, we are left with a love affair, divorce, a few cat-walks, Tom Ford popping up and then the assassination.

I would have liked to have seen better execution in the story. But that’s what we have.

2.5 out of 5.