Time to switch anti-virus software.

I had used the free version of Sophos Home for my anti-virus protection on my Mac Book for a long time now. However, I was having problems with the software for the last few months. The Sophos icon on the top bar which is normally white was red, so I tried a few different things to try to fix it. Then I went to uninstall to reinstall, aww bugger. It won’t reinstall properly.

It started to say, create an account, but I already had an account. Onto customer services, they wouldn’t help. They were slow to respond, I felt impatient and was starting to get cranky! Instead of checking the server for my account or sorting out the server-side issue which appeared to be the case. It just felt like customer discrimination between those that pay and those that don’t. Some guy called Rashmi kept saying he couldn’t help me. This was going downhill fast.So, I removed Sophos altogether and installed Avast. Let’s see how we get on with this one.

Dealing with E.on Next

I moved into my new home August last year and I transferred over British Gas from my previous address to my new address. Not everyone likes British Gas, but I like them and their pricing is far more stable and less messy than other companies.

The previous people had signed up to the company E.on Next for their gas and electric and dealing with them! What a pain!

My home hardly used any gas or electric and they wanted to way over charge. They had estimated that I would use over 450 units of electricity in 29 days? I still having used that much yet and I’ve been living in the property for over seven months now.

Phone call after phone call, asking for a simple thing, send me a bill with the breakdown in the post. You know, this company took five months to get that done. I knew something was wrong with the original bill that had no breakdown. They would send letters out, pay this amount now. And on a lot of those letters, they didn’t even tell you how to pay! Weirdness! When I finally got the right bill, I saw the estimated reading they had done, way off!

I also phoned up Ofgem the regulator for help. On the phone again for over an hour, I explained to them what was going on, the overcharging, etc and they put me through to some woman at E.on Next and I was talking to them again. 

It took seven months for a company to work out there were over charging me by £200 and this was based from British Gas readings. E.on Next went as far to employed another company pastdue credit solutions to try and steal my money. Even know I had paid the more correct amount and they said they would tell this credit solutions company, they in fact didn’t. Leaving this other company trying contact me. I had to block the number of them on my mobile because it really was turning into harassment.

To date, this has to be the worse company I have ever dealt with in my life. 

Not a great week for anyone.

I tend to shy away from politics and the news, but I feel I need to say something, get a bit of weight of my chest. A lot is happening out there and it feels pretty close by, and at times all-most on top of me.

Economic doom.

A lot of people were surprised when Russian invaded, others knew it was coming, I watched one video on YouTube started before the invasion, showing what will happen and being updated as the invasion happened.

The NATO border to Russia, oil and gas. This appears to be a war about commodities and who can control what. Ukraine has or had access to huge amounts of gas to mine. This could be worth trillions in dollars. Putin waged a war with a country, that is also a heist. It’s a selfish act by a man acting like a tyrant and a dictator. What I see is people losing their homes, homes destroyed, lands seized, burned and destroyed. The NATO alliance can’t help, so all that is left is the economic sanction and seizure.

I drive past the petrol station and see the prices up ten pence. Time for me to get an electric car? The price of heating the home, up! The cost of living, up! The money in people’s pockets, down!

The people on either side of the conflict can’t win, there are no winners in war, there are only losers. Even when a country wins a war, it still loses. The whole planet will see economic strain. There will now be countries that could end up in recession, the super big squeeze, everyone’s pockets will be plundered. Keep those purse strings tight. Because of this everyone needs to be smarter with their money.

In the café 

When I was in the café this week getting some lunch there was this one customer who was on his phone, pinging away, seemed very agitated. I was curious and spoke to him. It turned out this workman was Ukrainian, trying to contact friends and family to see and know what is going on in Ukraine with them. Showed me videos of burned dead Russians on his phone, I really didn’t want to see that.

I wish him well and hoped his family and friends are safe.


Another day I wanted to get myself a chair from IKEA for my bedroom, getting to the checkout, there was this gentleman who was buying 50 lots of bedding and towels. I said that’s a lot of bedding to him. He straight up told me it’s all going to Ukraine, I was surprised but not surprised. I hope that stuff gets there and helps those in need.