The Flight Attendant

I finally got round to watching and finishing season one of the show and even know I felt grossed out. I really was hooked from the get go, the end of every episode left you hanging on a thread and wanting to know what was going to happen next.

This honestly, even know modern, had more good old-fashioned TV vibes of who done it. The excellently crafted plot was a joy to watch and Kaley Cuoco was nothing short of exceptional in the role.

Her character Cassie Bowden, started off as a wild party girl, which turns out she was probably suffering from years of PTSD resulting in her having a serious drinking problem. Waking up next to a dead man is no good for anyone and that mentally screwed over Cassie so much, that she was having crazy visions inside her head. From running, to wonderment and onto who done it. This all leads Cassie down a very dangerous rabbit hole and the design of her retribution comes in the form of solving the murder. Hitting rock bottom and crawling back out.

I would also go as far to say this should be on every psychology student’s watch list. Is there a lesson in here with how to deal with alcoholics?

This rest of the cast supported the plot and there were sub-plots, and maybe some hidden sub-plots?

The show seemed to delve into issues with a mafia family to North Korean spies, anyone into suspenseful dramas should really add this to their watch list.

Uncharted film review (2022)

I’ve played most of the games on my PlayStation and really enjoyed the game Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. So, I was interested to go see the film to see what they had done. There were a few moments I really enjoyed in the movie. But the whole thing felt rushed, it didn’t have the flow and felt forced, choppy at times. 

Tom Holland made a good account of himself playing Nathan Drake, but he really did seem too young for the role. I was disappointed with Mark Wahlberg’s performance and the female lead Sophia Ali, I couldn’t get over her changing accent! She sounded botched American, floating to some kind of weird English accent, to Australian and back again! It really bugged me out that did!

We rushed through the story rather quickly, the characters got on to a plane, and the only time I laugh and I don’t think anyone understood who the guy was on the beach when they arrived at the beach scene was Nolan North who voiced Drake in the games, got his cameo. Was I the only person in the cinema to notice that??

I love the way the Spanish galley ships looked on screen and the moment when one dropped from the chopper into the water, its sails dropping and started to sail was a lovely piece of cinema photography. Overall, I was disappointed with the film and the ending.

2 out of 5.