Thank god my foot is still attached!

I just woke from a dream where the sole part of my foot had just come off!! A dream with a nightmare ending! From what I remember I was on a holiday somewhere, then in some strange swimming pool with a wave machine or something running… Then my foot…. Now I am just freaked out!!

This not what I ordered Sir!

I am with my family in a hotel now owned by Laura Ashley for my Grandmas Birthday, she is 98 and going strong. We connected up a laptop and skyped my Uncle Harold who lives abroad. 

My cousin ordered the same meal as me, but he wanted his steak cooked to a crips! I like mine bloody, but after sending his meal back twice he finally got his meal which was completly different to what I had! I had a small piece of steak on my plate, with a scattering of little veg.

However when my cuz got his meal dam, he got chips and onion rings also! With a bowl of extra veg! 

I and my Grandma is 98! I bet she makes it to 100!