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George you will be missed

I was very sad to hear George Michael had died.

Years ago in the early 80s I came home via Southgate tube station and the saxophone echos through the tunnels. The song being played was Careless Whisper and it captured my heart. I loved George Michaels music from that moment. I always wondered if that was him playing or not, in my heart know I felt he was in the station saying something to me.

I listen to his music and it sounds like he was in some pain over a girl. But years later after finding out he was gay I listened to the music again in a different light. Was he saying something else? Did I miss something in the meaning?

Now I hear he has died and it hit me, brought a few tears to my eyes. I will have to listen to his music again and wonder at how such a talented artist can leave us too early.


Purple is the colour

R.I.P Prince, a true legend and a pioneer in the world of music.

I grew up listening to many of his great songs, to me he made so much great music and in a way helped shaped the person I am today.

There is one movie that Prince helped make iconic and that has to be Tim Burton’s Batman, I feel the need to watch this especially for one scene where the Joker throws money everywhere listening to one of his tracks. This is a great film, part of the new urban noir to which Prince help shaped the culture period of the 90s.

So this weekend I am going to find something purple to wear, everyone should wear something purple in tribute.

May his memory and music live on in all of us.

How rude are your neighbours?

There is a young married couple above me and at times they play really loud music. I’ve gone round the side, rung the bell and got no reply. I know they are up there, I just get ignored. How on earth can these people have such loud music. Drives me nuts at times and it feels like I can’t do anything about it.  How can you relax with 20 decibels bouncing down onto you?