Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Please note this will contain spoilers.

For me I was worried I might fall asleep since I went to see the 12:40 am screening. However with the 3D glasses on and the scroll down of the famous flowing narrative. Which kinda of made me laugh because already I felt this copied straight up from the previous scripts.

I felt like I was back on Tattooine of Luke’s home planet, but this is a different planet, which looks exactly the same! Apart from the fact there appears to have been a war here. Hence the fact that there is an Imperial graveyard littered after every dune.

You are met with a runaway, a girl and a droid. A few other characters and suddenly a hunt for a map. Well, this feels different and it did for a good while. But as back stories go, you will know the old characters, but the new ones? Is this mystery or a failure to give little back story?

As soon as we find Han Solo’s favourite ship which he had been hunting for himself, there seemed to be a return to the old ways.

There seems to be a collective point in the script which reverts back to what Lucas started with and how the film ended. Starting with a chase through space to a big super weapon, an even bigger death-star! O, how original.

I can’t say too much more about the script or story as that would be just unfair.

I appreciate you have a time limit for such films as you can only fit so much into a story, so they have done well with what was given. The ability to provide an authentic looking film to the series and they have done an excellent job here. The used look is back, the battered, beaten, damaged. This is the look about Star Wars which I loved the original for, a used up, battered universe.

I couldn’t really feel much for the characters and this maybe due to some flat acting at times. I did like the new droid, the young actors fitted in well. I didn’t really feel the anger from the Darkside! When he took his mask off, I just saw a pathetic looking man with shaggy hair. Poor choice of actor in my opinion.

Although JJ has done an excellent job with the script he was given, I did love what was on offer. However It feels lacking and I just hope the next instalment will be a better look, with more style and some class. And for heaven-sake, I hope some originality!

4 outa 5 stars from me.

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