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Had Jürgen Klopp agreed to join Liverpool months ago?

After reading Chris Bascombe’s (Liverpool get their man) article in today’s Daily Telegraph I get the impression a deal was probably negotiated a few months ago.

One part of his article really stuck out where he write “Despite suggestions that Klopp had already been appointed prior to Rodger’s dismissal…”

Bascombe is fairly well connected with Liverpool football club having friends who work for the club he receives a lot of insider knowledge. And I am sure he is used by the club to control part of what gets printed in the papers.

Liverpool wanted Klopp a year ago, so it was always on the cards, it was just a question of when. Obviously a contract had to be drawn up and that can very often take time to get right. So it’s obvious to me that was sorted out and near completion allowing Liverpool the freedom to fire Rogers and sign Klopp.