Gurban Gurbanov a man to watch

Wiki Commons: Nicat49

In this years Europa league I watched Tottenham at home to Qarabagh of Azerbaijan and I was very impressed with how Qarabagh approached the game.

They were tactically very good, very well disciplined and I saw some very nice football from the team. This was against a hungry Tottenham who didn’t make it easy for Qarabagh to play the game they wanted.

And again in the reply, although I watched the short highlights I was still impressed with how they play.

A team playing at their best and who were top of their league last season and are still strong. A lot of this is down to the manager of Gurban Gurbanov, I haven’t seen many teams perform like Gurbanov has instructed his team too. I am of the belief this man can go places. If the bigger clubs in Europe actually watch and take notes of the Azerbaijani league and notice how well Gurbanov’s effort and effect I am sure we should be seeing him in the future at some of the bigger clubs.

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