I never seen a Money Plant flower before!!

My Grandma has a Money plant which is over 40 years old, it has never flowered! I took a leaf from it five years ago it’s flowering now!! 

Lots of family members have taken cuttings and are growing plants from my Grandma’s plant, some of those are 10 and 20 years old.

I really don’t know why theirs have never flowered and just curious why me. Is it just luck?

One thought on “I never seen a Money Plant flower before!!”

  1. That’s awesome!!!

    I think it’s just bloody good luck, but I do think that it’s a case of getting it to maturity, giving it the right resting period, then the right summer sun and then you *might* get flowers…. If you are lucky.

    Now go buy a lottery ticket! B-)

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