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Bye Bye America

Congratulations to Mr Trump, you have convinced me that USA is the most uneducated country on the planet. America is already a powerful country and yet he continues to dumb it down.

Now to the true of it, Mr Trump wants to get rid of the red-tape that has stopped him multiple times from his construction projects. He doesn’t really care for the little people, he is pretty self-centred.

This is a vote for a man who has embezzled funds through his college and other projects. A vote for a man who doesn’t pay tax which would of helped the country. A vote for a man who uses labourers that are from Mexico and other South America countries. A man who abuses women rights, the rights for freedom of movement.

Closed borders? This doesn’t help the economy.

I can only hope the senate block his every move otherwise he will destroy the American economy. He is not a businessman, he is a simply a con-artist.

Predicting the future of America

It’s hard not to watch the events in the presidential election of the US. It’s a comedy show to the rest of the world. I am amazed how a so called businessman wants to become President of the US. He hasn’t even been a Senator, he didn’t go for a lower position first. I am amazed so many people want to vote for Trump the chronic lier.

Then you have Clinton, she has been in politics a long time, she knows how the system works. She will know the people of positions of power and will know how to get things done.

Trump being in the White House would be a Republican puppet and he wants to be in control. The president is not a control position, it’s a figure head and the ultimate ambassador. I don’t think he would be able to cope in the position, he can’t even cope and remain calm in a simple debate.


There are two outcomes here, a land-slide victory for Hillary Clinton being voted in to office then Trump being investigated and ending up in prison for fraud, embezzlement on a multitude of charges.


Trump gets a surprise win then gets assassinated on his second day in the White House so Mike Pence can take the role and the Republican can get back to real politics instead of the Micky Mouse bullshit-shit-storm.