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I do like an empty restaurant

I just went down the road, the first place I wanted to eat was closed so I went across the road into Marks, but I couldn’t buy any food, microwave or oven baked products didn’t really appeal to me.

So out I went and crossed the road again looked at the menu on the door of an empty Indian restaurant and thought the prices seemed reasonable enough.

So I went in and took a table. When I am on my own I rather like empty restaurants. There is something easy going, no other customers to stare at me and think what a sad guy eating on his own. No, I don’t feel ashamed, but slightly imperious to have the place all to myself.

So I felt settled, ordered a starter of an onion bargie, a chicken dish and rice for my main. A little over £10. Very nice food and I didn’t need to make a mess in my own kitchen.

There is something very satisfying about every aspect and comforting that I was able to power walk home.

A Rustlers burger once and never again!

I was hungry this evening, so I went home via McDonalds, which annoyingly was closed at 11pm.

So I went across the road to Tesco, I still felt like I wanted a burger, I had never tried a Rustlers burger before, shoved it in the microwave and zapped it!

I didn’t use the sauce or the cheese, instead I just put some ketchup, mustard and pickle in which I had.

This has to be the worse burger I have ever had in my life. Do people really eat this shit? It tasted like recycled plastic. Chewy and gross.

I just hope I don’t have food poisoning tomorrow.