Bye Bye America

Congratulations to Mr Trump, you have convinced me that USA is the most uneducated country on the planet. America is already a powerful country and yet he continues to dumb it down.

Now to the true of it, Mr Trump wants to get rid of the red-tape that has stopped him multiple times from his construction projects. He doesn’t really care for the little people, he is pretty self-centred.

This is a vote for a man who has embezzled funds through his college and other projects. A vote for a man who doesn’t pay tax which would of helped the country. A vote for a man who uses labourers that are from Mexico and other South America countries. A man who abuses women rights, the rights for freedom of movement.

Closed borders? This doesn’t help the economy.

I can only hope the senate block his every move otherwise he will destroy the American economy. He is not a businessman, he is a simply a con-artist.

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