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Dreaming of being stabbed

I just woke up from a bit of a nightmare! From what I remember of my dream is I saw this guy get into a car and had a knife with him and I was going to report it to the police. But the car came back round as I had my mobile out and this guy got out,

It felt so real, so scary the guy had a knife against me, after what seemed a lifetime I work up scared to return to sleep.

I don’t know where this dream came from, was it the news? Reporting every knife crime that has happened in London or something deeper? Hopefully this horrible feeling in my gut will pass…

Is my sub-conscience sleep taking the piss?

I just woke up from the strangest dream yet. The ground kept changing there was a type of trench in what looked like my uncles back patio area. I managed to escape out of this trench into a road.

This followed into a parking area behind some buildings.

Then I was having to fight some old school bullies to the death. With a large crowd around me. But before that could even start I heard police cars, so started running to get away over taking cars, then for some reason I was flying. At this point there was some narriator in my head as I flew around a long straight coastline. Then I headed straight up into the sky out to sea!

For some reason I held two plastic figures of batman and some purple woman. 

It was as if I had invaded some kids mind, but surely it has to be my mind. Or is my mind taking the piss out of me and saying I should grow up??