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Is my sub-conscience sleep taking the piss?

I just woke up from the strangest dream yet. The ground kept changing there was a type of trench in what looked like my uncles back patio area. I managed to escape out of this trench into a road.

This followed into a parking area behind some buildings.

Then I was having to fight some old school bullies to the death. With a large crowd around me. But before that could even start I heard police cars, so started running to get away over taking cars, then for some reason I was flying. At this point there was some narriator in my head as I flew around a long straight coastline. Then I headed straight up into the sky out to sea!

For some reason I held two plastic figures of batman and some purple woman. 

It was as if I had invaded some kids mind, but surely it has to be my mind. Or is my mind taking the piss out of me and saying I should grow up??