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Deadpool Film Review

Another character comes out of the Marvel Universe and this time they call him Deadpool. A twisted child-like character bent, corrupted, twisted by another. Sometimes trailers say far too much and it could be the case for the Deadpool trailer which I watched last year. The movie was very well put together, but seemed to be missing parts too it. Even the character turns to the cinema goers to tell his story which if you read any of the comics you would know he is also his own monolog.

The film starts with what you saw in the trailer but expanded, I am not sure it flowed that well for photography, as you seemed to jump from one camera angle to another.

Then you get his back story via a retelling. A hunter-hitman, ex-army guy falls for a girl who is very much a matching personality. Then after he finds out that he is riddled with cancer another guy comes along to offer a cure to save him. Wolverines healing gene or is it the X-Gene, o wait, its X-Men again.

So a brutal treatment regime takes place and thus we have our new super-hero or anti-hero. This film to me feels like a mash up of 300, Kick-Ass in the Marvel outfit.

I did laugh at much of the comedy, although offensive I didn’t really mind as I have seen much worse on the silver screen these days.

In comes the action, slashing, shooting, dead guys, a bullet to the head. Some very corny lines from Colossus and roll credits.

That felt like a quick movie, I didn’t look at my watch once so I must have enjoyed it. Not as much as Iron Man or Guardians of the Galaxy, but not that far behind.

4 out of 5.

R.I.P Wes

I was sad to hear today that Wes Craven had died. I considered him to be an innovator in the world of cinema on horror films.

I am not a big fan of horror films myself, but Craven was probably one of the few horror directors I was impressed with. His story telling, ability to shock along with comedy, was a combination that worked very well where few other directors came close to this style and format. 

Craven has left us a legacy and I hope that we give him the respect he deserves.

Badge of Fury DVD Review

The film starts off with three deaths in a comical fashion which really wasn’t that funny where all the victims are smiling. The first thing that came to mind is the similarity with Batman, death by smiling! There seemed to be an incoherent start to the movie and an over use of comedy that really made it unfunny.

The next moment seemed to be a Matrix style battle which really wasn’t that well choreographed. Followed by a homage to Men in Black, during this scene they mentioned copyright infringement and a few Jet Li titles.

By this point the movie felt like a mismatch of ideas, but after that, the plot did get better and one or two of the sequences were not that bad. There seemed to be a lot of elements using concepts straight out of Stephen Chow’s play-book and they really didn’t implement them that well.

There didn’t seem to be much strength in the acting from anybody in this film. Nobody stood out and other than the girls being very fit! There seemed a very lack of effort with the whole flick.

There were no extras on the DVD, although it’s for sale in Tesco for only £3.00 I wouldn’t bother getting it!

1.5 out of 5.

Sharknado Review

I saw the film advertised on the SyFy channel recently and was amazed at how stupid it was, some really dodgy acting, some terrible CGI at times. And what is more baffling is how it’s suddenly raining, then suddenly dry. How one minute the same road that is flooded doesn’t have a single drop of rain on it, then reverts back to being flooded! O, and why they are trying to escape Los Angeles they have time to rescue a whole school bus of kids, who are raised to a bridge, vanish on the bridge and reappear only to disappear again!

These guys then made a load of bombs in what seems in no time at all, take a light weight helicopter next to a tornado which in all truth should of torn the dam copter to shreds. Then one of the girls get eaten by a shark only to come back to life after being pulled from it’s belly!

This has to go straight into my number one slot of the most incoherent film I’ve ever seen. With some poor dialogue, really bad puns and a heavy load of under acting this makes for an unemotional wreck. I am amazed they made a second one, which I shall probably watch also.

0 out of 5.

Jack Reacher review.

For a character who I considered a big guy in the books, if I remember he was suppose to be 6″5, this was certainly a little guy on the screen! At one point in the movie he walked into a bar where everyone was smaller than Tom Cruise! I found long parts of the film a bore, there was a lot of talking and when the action came I wasn’t that impressed. You could see Cruise was actually doing his own stunts, driving the cars and the speed racing ect. But the whole experience felt off, parts didn’t seem to fit, and the strongest character was played by Robert Duvall.

Things felt very predictable and what I thought might be in the film didn’t seem to be there, sometimes trailers sell you one thing and you see something else. Reading a book is one thing seeing on the screen is something else and I am not really sure if I needed to see it on screen after that!

2 out of 5.