Why don’t people reply?

Every so often I send people different greeting messages, the so called friends. Is it not polite to reply to a correspondance? I often wonder why I bother trying to be friendly at all. It’s hard for me to get off the ground, those mental blockers, the self restraint. 

Traits we all have and yet the politeness of conversation, I don’t want to be spiteful or hurtful to anyone, but the steel cold silence is just as offensive to me as someone telling me to fuck off.

Is waiting a day for a reply too long, but no reply in a month? Did I send to the right person? Number correct, check, email correct, check. Social media name, correct.

I am helpless to understand why a simple hello will not suffice. As the sun sets this evening I wonder did I do something wrong? Am I wrong? What went wrong. The distance between friendship grows like continental drift. Soon friendship will be the endless oceon, lost at sea currents taking you in different directions. Maybe one day an old friend might wash up on my shoreline.

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