Repairing my Kobo Arc 7 maybe not that simple!

I’ve had a Kobo Arc since December 2012, but last year the USB charging point snapped off in the device and I haven’t been able to use it since.

I tried contacting Kobo and the response was that I should take it too WH Smiths, neither really wanted to help. Kobo didn’t offer anything to help. In fact their customer support was dreadful. Probably the worst customer support I have ever had to deal with, they are even worse than Microsoft and that’s saying a lot.

So after a little look on the web and realising it might be a simple fix I decided to have a go. So I took the back off the device took out the USB charge strip which seemed to be a snap-in. I noticed the female USB part was snapped off the strip so first I tried to solder it back on. But that didn’t really work.


So I ordered a new strip straight off of eBay which cost around £15 but for some reason after I put in the new piece it still isn’t charging. Either the strip was no good which I got or there is another fault I don’t know about. So if anyone reads this and has a suggestion let me know.

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