Who has a kids party in McDonalds?

At around 6pm I needed some food and decided to get a quick meal in McDonalds. After I ordered my meal I went and sat down.

What I noticed was a kids birthday party, one birthday girl sitting there laughing away with her friends. While six parents stood to one side waiting, watching, hardly talking to each other, some looking really pissed off like a fight was going to break out between them.

I over heard one couple say how pathetic it was to have to buy their own daughter a happy meal. And that it would of been cheaper to do a birthday party in the home!!

I was just about to leave but before I did I watched as some parents took some of the kids home and noticed that even half the kids seemed upset. After seeing the reactions of this event it’s clear to me for the child who birthday it was and her family that was just social suicide!

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