How much for a bottle of water?

I had just drove 60 miles and needed a break so I stopped off at South Mimms Service area of the M25 motorway. I took £1 out of my car to go buy a bottle of water. I went into Starbucks first, picked up a small bottle of water, took it to the counter only to be told it was £1.65 “how much!!??” Upset at the price I marched over to WH Smiths and thought they must be cheaper…

£1.39 was the cheapest small bottle of water there was. I asked the guy at the counter if he had any drinks cheaper than a pound his answer was No!

This is a non-taxable item! Wtf do these people need to charge so much? There markup must be huge! So back into my car and carry on driving home not in the best of wear. No wonder there are fatal accidents on the road! With prices like this it explains a lot!

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