You can now play Star Wars The Old Republic for free

It took me a while to download all 12GB of the game or what ever it was. It was a big download that’s for sure. I started playing with a Sith character which I am rather enjoying, I have a nice fit sexy slave helping me out, not sure if I really want to take her off the shock coller know!

Graphics are quality and I have put settings on high and have matched my screen res.  At times I am not sure if my computer can cope with the game, it seems to run smooth, then may crash later. So I ran a disk check, seemed okay, clicked on exit after I finished another hour or so of game play and it crashed again.

This game does seem to hog the computer resources, but I am not sure what was going on, but when I am playing without the lag and problems, it’s a great game for sure.

One thought on “You can now play Star Wars The Old Republic for free”

  1. Been playing SWTOR since March of this year and it is indeed a great game. I started as a subscriber, reached level 29 as a Jedi Sentinel and switched to F2P until I reach the level cap of 50, i think. I still get lags and crashes, well, mainly because my PC is old and the internet is not so fast where I’m from. Hehe.

    Welcome to SWTOR! 🙂

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