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Mill Hill to Edgware train walk

Following on from my last walk, this time I found the entrance in Lydhurst Park to the second part of the train line walkway. It seems a lot less people know about this part of the train line walk. Which can only be accessed on weekends.

I entered via the entrance to the park just off of Bunn’s Lane. This was about the location of where Mill Hill the Hale station use to be, which is a stones through from Mill Hill Broadway.

You can see a trench of dense brambles and woodland running along the right side of the park and if you walk the path and follow it you can if not immediately find the entrance to the walk. It is somewhat hidden, there is a little foot path over a small brook leading to a hidden gate.

Part of the old track, there are lots of these posts.

The foliage is dense in places but opens up in others. It really does run between the houses!

The end in sight!

The ending of the route is somewhat disappointing, I came out on the A1509, there is another road opposite which looks like private access to the Edgware terminus which I didn’t go down as I don’t want to trespass! However I turned right and walked the road back up and round. There is a massive church, which I thought was a bit of an eye-saw. Then after some roundabouts there is a pub called the Railway Tavern, (unfortunately closed) I don’t know the history, it must have some relation to the old project of the Northern Heights. So I walked past that and back down to Mill Hill.

Train line walk Mill Hill East to Mill Hill

In the 1930s Mill Hill East tube station ran through all the way to Edgware tube station with one station called Mill Hill the Hale which didn’t last very long at all. This station was adjacent to Mill Hill Broadway station.

I’ve lived in the area for over 10 years now and I’ve finally walked round and did the first part of the route.

If you come out of Mill Hill East tube station you can walk round and up to see where the track finishes, then you can follow where the line would have gone through. A few bridges aline the route, then you walk between Metro golf course on one side with a football power league centre on the other side. Finally the end of the route terminates into Page Street.

Second underpass
A blocked underpass under Page Street

I took some other photos of graffiti but not enough of the route. The are lots of trees on either side. On the other side of Mill Hill there is Lyndhurst Park, from there you can walk all the way through to Edgware to continue the train line route and I would like to walk that next time.