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Supergirl season one review

I don’t know why I watched this show! At times it’s good and at times I find it really bad. Season One just finished the Friday past here in the UK on Sky One.

The intro sequence seems really cheesy to start with and you have actors return from previous incarnations. Dean Cain who played Superman in Lois and Clark, has a cameo role as Supergirl’s step dad and even Laura Vandervoort who played Supergirl in Smallville plays an arch enemy.

So throw in Ally McBeal with Kara (aka Supergirl) and a load of others and the show is off and running. Some really dodgy CGI but some suprisingly good acting to cover up a multitude of filming sins. Jon Jonzz looked really bad in CGI form and the costume doesn’t work for me either. Although Supergirl’s outfit looks good it’s not perfect either. The top part of the uniform doesn’t hug her body like it should do.

I am not sure they have really brought anything new to the table. With Arrow, we have a darker, harsher, more violent universe. Flash is not so gothic as but has the suprising dark undertones which makes for a good show.

Supergirl is too clean and perfect which is a floor, if you look at the course of the viewing figures avaliable on the Wikipedia page you will see that the show   went from nearly 13 million views on the pilot down to just over 6 million for the final episode. This doesn’t bowed well for season two, but a loyal fan base may help. 

Overall after a quick introduction, saving the city people from potential doom. A coming war between Kara and the exiled Kriptonians built up and then fell flat on its face. There was a lack of dynamic content, a feeling of two dimensional characterisation. This coupled with very basic story telling, an emotional wreck of a ride, maybe there is hope for season two, but I wouldn’t count on it if they stick to the same writers.In fact I may not even bother to watch season two…