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Selling my car

I have recently put my Renault Clio up for sale and i feel it’s in pretty good condition. I am not sure why everyone is so picky these days with a little dent on the back or a scratch you can hardly see. My first car i had for driving was a banger! It was only worth £100. I am selling my 10 year old Clio for £1500 which is below the value of the car and i think its a reasonable price to ask for. But people have to negotiate and offering me only £900. That’s below the low end as webuyanycar.com offer low end prices and they r offering more than that!

Another silly thing people do is phone me up from a blocked number leave a message saying they are interested in the car and only giving their name! How am suppose to phone these silly people back if they don’t give a number! All in all with the way things are going i might just end up selling too webuyanycar!