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Spanish Government employs 1-10th of the law on a Picasso!

In a follow up to my previous post about the Picasso family taking back by force some of Picasso’s paintings. It seems to me that Spanish government is now following a similar pattern.

First I like to say, if you own a painting you should be able to display it where ever you like. Just as long as you give it the right respect.

But if you have been keeping an eye on the news this happened.

From BBC News: Picasso ‘national treasure’ seized by French customs
So 9-10ths of the law of ownership. And a powerful Spanish family fall fowl to the French and Spanish governments requesting a painting worth £17m (€25m). 

Well is saves the nation of Spain millions to aquire the painting but how about those legal bills? That could in the end run up to a few million. 

I also wonder if they even asked Jamie Botin the owner If he could loan it to the nation. Or maybe they had and he rejected!! Which might explain a few things, nevertheless in my view this is art theft at the heighest level.

Did the Picasso family steal the paintings back?

So you’re given a gift of some painting 40 years ago which are now worth a fortune. Then you decide it’s time to sell them, but wait a minute what happened here?

BBC News: Picasso electrician must return piecess to artist’s family
It seems to me that the Picasso family can afford the better lawyers and take back with force and no consiquence, effectively stealing from this poor couple.