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Has Scorpion stung it’self?

I’ve been watching the TV show Scorpion in which a group of nerds save the world and so-forth! The show evolves around Walter O’Brian for which the show is based on and he is played by Elyes Gabel, who’s acting skills are dodgy at times. I don’t know how much O’Brian is involved with the show, the storylines and concepts but a lot of times the character seems big-headed and there is a big tone of self-promotion!

In one episode a character from NCIS: Los Angeles popped up putting it in the same universe as NCIS and Hawaii Five-O programs. But even those shows are better than this one and it didn’t help the cause.

There seems to be a multitude of sins created in every episode, the first being is the heavy use of Windows 8 by one of the best hackers on the planet? (I highly suspect this is to do with an advertising agreement with Microsoft Corp.) I haven’t seen any use of any Linux systems which are far more secure than Windows. Even their programming skills are brought into question. For those who even dabble in coding who have worked with C++ or Basic might be a bit lost in the hacker talk on the show. Did they even ask for help from any expects? And why would you send a hacker with no basic training into the field up against people holding AK47s? The answer is, you wouldn’t, the whole team of Scorpion should of received some form of training before going into the field.

The last episode I watched this morning was “Once Bitten, Twice Die” seemed to stupid to comprehend. How can someone with 197 IQ not make a simple phone call of “We need an antidote for this snake poison!” Gabel’s performance was suspect yet again and the only actor I can give any credit too has to be Katharine McPhee who plays Paige Dineen. I like her because she is very attractive, but also because she has very good on-screen chemistry.

Never-the-less, is this geek TV gone too far?