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Pokemon Go so far

Well I downloaded the real version this time after its release and I am not sure what I am suppose to do with captured Pokemon other than fight with them. Although it has been a bit of a learning curve, I did manage to evolve one bird before the server crash. Even know I just got to level 5 I haven’t got the chance to fight yet.

I must of spotted around 30 people playing in my local area ranging from 5 to 50. 

I don’t think there are any death traps around here like you see on the news but I figured out that where you capture a Pokemon you will be able to go back to that same spot and capture from there again. 

There doesn’t seem to be any randomisation, in fact it’s using the Ingress overlay, all the hotspots in that are all the same hotspots in Pokemon. Where you capture the little critters seems to be dependant on the XM level in Ingress so you could combine the two games to help you find what you are looking for. 

The downside to this will be a very quick death to your phone. Unless you’re that obsessed to run this way or carry a number of mobile phones your enjoyment will be short lived.

It’s even shorter lived when the server keeps crashing. 

I am sure in the future when they have fixed the issues, there will be those clubs people will be starting up, Pokemon hunting trips, you could go on horse back but the hounds won’t help! 

Well time to go back to charge my phone!

Ingress why do I bother with this game?

Ingress is a geographical location based game on the iPhone and Android that I have sometimes played.

I find it interesting in its mechanics, where you have to find a portal in the real world, a historical place or a work of art. Pick your side, hack and claim a portal. 

I am always interested in games and this gets you out and about. So today I went over to Trafalgar Square where I thought an event was going to happen only to realise it was happening in Leicester Square.

So I tried to understand what was going on but to be honest I felt lost. An event called the Abaddon anomaly was taking place where the two factions of the game meet to battle it out for the shards! People there although friendly when I spoke to them seemed unplugged from reality only to be plugged into their mobile phones! There sights were set on claiming or holding Charlie Chaplin.

What I was surprised at were people from the US, Germany and a few other places in Europe came to London to take part. There is no dispute about the reach Ingress has.



At the time of writing this I am only level 5 and I don’t have much scores in the game next to people around me. It must take an insane amount of time to generate the numbers of hacks, placing resonators, completing missions etc. The game asks you to do a lot and I really can’t be bothered so in the end after a little play, completing two missions I went back to Trafalgar Square and into the National Gallery to dry off the rain.