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Skype customer support don’t seem to have any admin powers.

After a while of trawling through the Skype website trying to figure out how to merge two accounts I found forum posts telling me I had to contact customer support. Then a while later I found the web chat, so I get chatting. The guy tells me what I need to do, but what he told me was to log out then log back in and select merge.

So after logging out, I logged back in with the account he told me too, there was no option to merge at all, I asked if help can merge the accounts for me. The responce, he has no admin powers to perform such tasks. What kind of support is that? Can’t even give me correct information and at the end of it, I am locked out of one of my accounts.

Thanks alot Skype, thanks for the useless information, the inability for you to perform any actions and for locking me out of one of my accounts!

Now Skype have move up into first place for ” worse customer support of all time”.

Amazon took my money

I sold an old playstation 2 game on Amazon, I don’t mind selling stuff on Amazon generally but this one, somehow I feel so robbed.

I sold it, get an email telling me to ship it, which I did, I probably deleted the email as I have been having problems with my email and had to clear a load out. Now it comes back to annoy me that I have deleted the shipment email!

I explained what happened over the internet, but today they phoned me up. How do I feel, it makes me annoyed, I feel robbed! It feels as if they don’t want to give my money back which they took.

They are a multi-billion pound company, no wonder they are so rich when they don’t give back your money! Hopefully I will get it back, but it feels as if has been lost long ago know! ­čśŽ I am so very sad today.

Ebay customer support, are they trained?

Recently ebay changed their policy that your email address should be different to your username. But mine are the same, I asked should I change it, why wont the system let me change it. But to no avail did I get any help. They constantly disconnected me from the web chat. And the guy on the phone didn’t understand me and had no clue to me other questions.

This leads me to believe they are really untrained.