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DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, now it’s too much.

DC expands it’s universe to bring another show, we are given one new character in Captain Ric Hunter and a collection of cast members from Arrow and Flash.

I don’t really like shows playing around with the concept of time travel. I always feel that things go wrong and elements of the science are messed up.

This is where Legends of Tomorrow begins and probably will end for me. I watch for too much TV as it is. So I will stick to Arrow and the Flash which I have been enjoying.

As for Legends… At the beginning Hunter is told not to interfere with the timeline on Earth. But Hunter goes against the councils order. He takes his ship travels to Earth to the year of 2016, collects some heroes for a tale of revenge. Isn’t that the most classical of storylines? 

A fight here and there, an assassin on the prowl, another evil villain in Vandal Savage. (Sounds like a wrestler name I once knew!)

There seems a much lighter touch to Legends than DCs previous shows. I prefer the dark personalities of the characters like you have in Arrow. That show felt grounded and more real.

As for Legends of Tomorrow, I found it cheesy, irritating, far from reality and the ending of Savage getting a Russian made nuclear warhead was so cliché. 

Please don’t let me watch another episode.

Jessica Jones has too much realism for me.

I enjoyed DareDevil on Netflix but Jessica Jones is more real, more gritty, more down to earth but still not of this Earth.

Shows like this have better character development, there is more scope to work with than a movie yet the comedy you get with the Iron Man and Avenger films are not present here.

Instead you are left with a very raw show with character I am sure many people can relate too.

Jessica’s life starts off when her parents died, she somehow ended up with great strength. As P.I she is lead to her arch-enemy who is played by David Tennent (Dr Who). This in turn uses flashbacks and background stories to build a slow but powerful moving story which draws you in.

At times I felt like I was dragged for a long ride and when the end came I wasn’t surprised. There was insanity like the Joker from the last Batman film series. One could describe the Jones as a wash of cold hash water over the Marvel universe. This really is the gutter of it and at this depth you get a better range of story so I am looking forward to what comes next.

BBCs The Last Kingdom (shields!?)

I just finished watching episode three. Although not a bad show and some very good story telling. Some of the technology is wrong. My main focus is the Saxon shields, a square shield? And plain? 

This is very wrong, Saxon shields are round and they painted with a standard crest, they would of used a red and white round shield for Wessex. And why are they saying they wouldn’t know a shield wall? This is incorrect during the time period they would of known Roman battle technics and probably could perform a successful shield wall. 

The costomes annoy me also, the elite wealthy Vikings and Saxons would of had more intricate dress and armour.


Is BT going to kill football?

I just realised that unless BT Sport goes bankrupt for heavily over paying for Champions League football I might not ever watch it live on TV again. At least I got some highlights on ITV. However I feel rather upset by the outcome. 

I don’t want to pay for Sky Sports as I think it’s far too much, then unless you’re a BT Internet customer, and extra £12.99 a month from BT to add it too Sky! Ugg, these companies are just ripping off the customers!!

DareDevil Netflix review

DareDevil on Netflix

The first two episodes I watched when DareDevil was first released didn’t seem to suck me in so well, so I left it alone until this weekend where I have just watched the rest of season one, which was only 13 episodes. Still that’s a lot of TV for me this weekend!

It wasn’t till after episode five when I was really sucked in by the characters, the Devil himself was portrayed by Charlie Cox who I felt was an excellent choice. His dark, grimey, slightly sick look played well into the character and he built the role up for a final showdown which wasn’t that offensive.

Offensive in a way in which Marvel’s Agents of Shield went all soppy, (you only need to ask me why I say that). But that show has gone down hill in my opinion.

However with DareDevil the show stayed on par to a high tempo and excellent character plots. The best being the bad guy, and generally the bad guy does do the best acting. Vincent D’Onofrio was perfect for Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin), his big frame, on screen presence and some exceptional acting should surely earn him an award. It’s not often you feel for someone who is mentally ill in a disturbing way, but in understanding how Fisk came to be, was in essence the core for the whole of season one.

There are similarities with other shows such as DC’s Arrow. “This city is sick and needs saving!” to a very dark Gotham feel, where the city is drained of all hope. A dark ally, a fight scene, a chase, a save. There is a, been there, done that approach to DareDevil although it does hold it’s own. It’s just a feeling of copying what works. And it does work.

The approach and story throughout is gripping, so I shouldn’t say much more and spoil it for others. But I recommend the show for others.