The Librarians on SyFy, can it really survive?

It could of been good, but no, it can’t be, a decent idea screwed over by terrible, un-plausible writing. The direction is all over the place. The director of this disaster is Dean Devlin or should I blame the creator John Rodgers? Whoever it is down too for such bad stories should be shot! I have managed to watch four episodes, but no more thank you.

If there are viewers out there that like the show? Then shoot me instead! I am sure people want to escape the reality of everyday life, but this show isn’t escapism, it isn’t grounded in any true reality and that fails The Librarians on so many levels. All the good acting, star quality can not save a show if you can’t write a decent storyline.

Even the trailer sucks. I really can’t see the show surviving past season one.

2 thoughts on “The Librarians on SyFy, can it really survive?”

  1. YAY Glad for freedome of speech.. arent you? I love The Librarians. it is fun.. it is wacky.. and it can be silly..! I will be watching each and every episode and hoping for more! It is a show for all ages. No blood and gore or zombies or end of the world diseases or aliens.. Just good clean fun! Thanks!

    1. You’re probably right on no blood and gore, but a show like this with such bad writing I wouldn’t be suprised if they ended up with the three elements you mentioned in the end! I wouldn’t place my bets on them not including aliens, zombies or some kind of desease!

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