Dexter: New Blood first episode review

We find Dexter living in a very cold northern American town, where it turns out he knows this small community. Although he seems to be suffering still from some sort of PTSD, delusions he does seem to be managing to live a normal life. However, it went downhill for him when the rich spoilt kid returns.

I do recommend to understand some points of the show you really need to watch the original series.

The setting, the ambiance, there is some mystery here and a few quandaries thrown in. Dexter already has a love interest with a police woman, will this come in handy or can it be a hinderance? 

The rich kid turns out to have all that disgusts Dexter and he turns to what he knows to do best. Make people disappear! 

His son also turns up, at first, he turns him away then goes to him at the end. How this will play out remains to be seen.

The original show I thought was a master-piece into mental health. Although somewhat healed, it remains to see how f**cked up Dexter and this show is going to get. I am enjoyed the original, I can cope with some gore as long as it’s not too much. I do feel if you saw and enjoyed the previous incarnation you will like this one.

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