Predicting the future of America

It’s hard not to watch the events in the presidential election of the US. It’s a comedy show to the rest of the world. I am amazed how a so called businessman wants to become President of the US. He hasn’t even been a Senator, he didn’t go for a lower position first. I am amazed so many people want to vote for Trump the chronic lier.

Then you have Clinton, she has been in politics a long time, she knows how the system works. She will know the people of positions of power and will know how to get things done.

Trump being in the White House would be a Republican puppet and he wants to be in control. The president is not a control position, it’s a figure head and the ultimate ambassador. I don’t think he would be able to cope in the position, he can’t even cope and remain calm in a simple debate.


There are two outcomes here, a land-slide victory for Hillary Clinton being voted in to office then Trump being investigated and ending up in prison for fraud, embezzlement on a multitude of charges.


Trump gets a surprise win then gets assassinated on his second day in the White House so Mike Pence can take the role and the Republican can get back to real politics instead of the Micky Mouse bullshit-shit-storm.



Luke Cage Review

You previously had a taste of Luke Cage when he showed up in Jessica Jones but now you get the full on show complete with one liners and puns that any comic-book fan would love.

This time in New York we head over to the Harlem district where the African Americans live, breath and die. You are introduced to this part of the city which feels cleaner and less gritty than Jessica Jones and less dark than Dare Devil. But like the rest of New York it clearly has its problems.

Throughout the course of the series you get elements of Luke Cage back story and it unfolds nicely. Each character seems unique, many are provided a back story also and are certainly not one dimensional. Mahershala Ali who plays cottonmouth was the standout character, the actor portrayed him so well that I felt sorry for him in the end.

Another element to the show is the music, that 70s sleek feel. The way the Jazz evolves around life in Harlem. There is a sense and feel that make a very unique take on life.

The show revolves around the Barber Shop, The Club and the streets. Cage doesn’t want to get involved with anyone until he is pushed beyond his capacity to restrain his desire for revenge after his mentor is kill. At this point Cage feels he has to help those in need, while at the same time creating a path of destruction. Mind you, the destruction didn’t seem that much and Cage wasn’t the main culprit.

Often I felt there wasn’t enough action, there were never enough fight scenes for me. The problem with origin stories is the need to develop a character often takes away the ability to headlong into what the current affairs are. This being said there was a healthy mix of each.

After the political mess, the gangland war and police corruption there is a feeling the show leaves you wondering was that all worth it? Although I enjoyed the show, I was left with questions. What did Cage do in the military? What am I missing? And do I really need to see more of this messed up world?